Dried green beans

Dried green beans

PT10M Serves 2 Ingredients: 450 grams of green beans, 200 grams of meat, a package of sprouts,3 grams of dried chili, 3 grams of ginger, 3 grams of garlic, salt, chicken powder 0.1 g,

Cognac green beans are a common practice in Sichuan cuisine, and individuals also like it, because I feel that it is difficult to taste such a common method of cooking.

Ingredients 2 servings
450 grams of green beans, 200 grams of meat, a package of sprouts

3 grams of dried chili, 3 grams of ginger, 3 grams of garlic, salt, chicken powder 0.1 g

Cognac green beans Step 1 Dried green beans

Choosing the same thickness, the freshest green beans, the happiest thing is to go back to the old home, because the door is the vegetable garden, you want to eat 啥 directly to a basket, you can be natural.

Step 2 Dried green beans

Broken rice sprouts, I bought it online. In fact, it has been bought for a long time to make a dandan. As a result, this dish has been used, and there is a little pork belly.

Step 3 Dried green beans

The green beans are folded by hand to grow into short sections, washed and drained.

Step 4 Dried green beans

Dried chili cuts

Step 5 Dried green beans

This is the broken rice sprouts.

Step 6 Dried green beans

Wash the meat and cut into meat. Put a little soy sauce, raw powder, white pepper, marinated with cooking oil

Step 7 Dried green beans

Ginger garlic cut into small foam

Step 8 Dried green beans

Put the oil in the pot, add a little salt, heat the oil, and don’t use too much salt to keep the color of the green beans.

Step 9 Dried green beans

When 80% is hot, it is fried in green beans.

Step 10 Dried green beans

The skin wrinkles can be fished out.

Step 11 Dried green beans

Leave a little oil in the pot, first put the pepper into the fried black

Step 12 Dried green beans

Add garlic and ginger to the scent

Step 13 Dried green beans

Then add the marinated meat and stir-fry the oil.

Step 14 Dried green beans

Dry the peppers and drain them into the pot and continue to fry them together.

Step 15 Dried green beans

Sautéed rice sprouts

Step 16 Dried green beans

Add fried green beans, add a little salt, chicken powder

Step 17 Dried green beans

Stir fry and you can pan out.

Step 18 Dried green beans

Super simple and super dish

Step 19 Dried green beans

It is also possible to use the fried green bean directly without the rice sprouts.

Dried green beans

Dried green beans
Cooking skills

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Home-cooked chicken

On the holidays, visiting friends and relatives is the traditional habit of Chinese people, so it is also inevitable to invite friends and family to gather together at home, eat dinner, drink tea, chat, and increase some emotional exchanges.

Ingredients 4 people
Tender chicken

35 ml of oil, 25 ml of rice wine, 20 g of peanuts, a little coriander, a little ginger, a little onion, 1 tbsp of spicy powder, 2 tablespoons of fresh soy sauce, 10 g of minced garlic, a little sesame oil

steps 1 Home cooking chicken Home-cooked chicken


Step 2 Chicken washing

Home-cooked chicken


Step 3 Prepare the seasoning of boiled chicken, ginger slices, knotted shallots, rice wine

Home-cooked chicken


Chicken under cold water pot into the onion ginger, rice wine

Step 4 Home-cooked chicken


Cover the fire and boil it, then simmer the froth and turn to medium heat for 15 minutes.

Step 5 Home-cooked chicken


Then open the lid and poke it into the thickest part with chopsticks. There is no blood water flowing out of the flame, and it is covered for 10 minutes.

Step 6 Home-cooked chicken


Pick up the chicken and put it in ice water until it is completely cooled and then drain the drained water.

Step 7 Home-cooked chicken


Put a layer of sesame oil on the surface of the chicken skin and put it into the dish.

Step 8 Home-cooked chicken


Prepare peanuts, minced garlic, parsley, and sprinkle fresh soy sauce in a spicy powder bowl.

Step 9 Home-cooked chicken


Add 20 ml of cold oil to the cold pan and pour the peanuts into the frying pan.

Step 10 Home-cooked chicken


Mix the ground peanuts with fresh soy sauce and spicy powder

Step 11 Home-cooked chicken


Pour 15 ml of oil into the spoon to make smoke

Step 12 Home-cooked chicken


Pour into a bowl and mix well, then add 2 tablespoons of chicken broth and mix thoroughly.

Step 13 Home-cooked chicken


Sprinkle the juice and add the parsley to enjoy

Home cooked chicken


Home-cooked chickenHome-cooked chickenHome-cooked chicken
Home-cooked chicken
Home-cooked chicken
Home-cooked chicken
Cooking skills


The cooked chicken is immediately immersed in ice water, which makes the chicken leather firm and crisp, not easy to scatter. The spicy powder I use is salty. You can adjust the taste according to your own season. Tender and fixed 4. Deep-fried peanuts must be cold oil cold pan, wait for the oil temperature to rise and the peanuts are also fried.

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