Cherry milk jelly

Cherry milk jelly

PT10M Serves 3 Ingredients: The amount of cherries, fish gelatin powder 10 grams, yogurt 180 grams,20 grams of milk,

Summer is the season in which women have the strongest sense of weight loss. Many women who have high requirements for their body are smaller for the waist, and they are replaced by fruits every day, or even worse, don’t eat dinner…

Ingredients 3 servings
The amount of cherries, fish gelatin powder 10 grams, yogurt 180 grams

20 grams of milk

Cherry Fries Step 1 Cherry milk jelly


Glydding is soaked in clean water until it becomes soft (it will be better with milk)

Step 2 Cherry milk jelly


After the gelatin is softened, pour off the water, heat it with water, and mix well.

Step 3 Cherry milk jelly


Bring the gelatin liquid out and heat the yogurt

Step 4 Cherry milk jelly


Stir well

Step 5 Cherry milk jelly


It will be better to filter it. The creamy taste is fine and there is no coarse particle residue.

Step 6 Cherry milk jelly


Wash the cherries, remove the roots, remove the nucleus, and cut each into four portions.

Step 7 Cherry milk jelly


Place the cut cherry granules in a rectangular lunch box

Step 8 Cherry milk jelly


Pour the mixed yoghurt paste onto the cherries

Step 9 Cherry milk jelly


The remaining cherries are placed one more layer

Step 10 Cherry milk jelly


After all the dishes are placed, put them in the refrigerator for about an hour, and the beautiful cherry pudding is ready. Take out and cut into small pieces, large granules of cherry pudding, so enjoyable!

Cherry milk finished product


Cherry milk jellyCherry milk jellyCherry milk jellyCherry milk jelly
Cherry milk jelly
Cherry milk jelly
Cherry milk jelly
Cherry milk jelly
Cooking skills


The large cherry jelly pudding is red and delicate, and the method is simple. The fruits inside are freely changed according to your own preferences. Strawberry, mango and kiwi are very popular. The delicate and refreshing taste, the elderly and children especially like it, the treasure mothers can collect it for the children to do. The healthiest summer snack gelatin can also be replaced with the gelatin powder. About 7 grams is about the water content of this snack. It is quite rich, and it is very good for hydrating in summer. The delicate taste is very addictive for children to eat. Because of the high water content, it is best to eat as you like, so as not to be fresh.

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